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Make Room for the Things You Love.

There is something so satisfying about being organized.  You feel balanced, fresh, and ready for whatever comes next.  You are free to focus on what really matters to you: family, career, hobbies, walking on the beach, or just relaxing. 

The things that we own can be important and valuable.  They can make life more comfortable, easier, and even more meaningful.  Clothing, furniture, collectibles, family heirlooms, can all add value to your life.  They can also overwhelm and distract you from focusing on your priorities. 


Creating Harmony is dedicated to helping people find value in their spaces.  We can organize, transform, declutter, and simplify storage spaces.  We can make room for the things you love. Let us create a little harmony in your home.


Hi, I'm Heather, a professional home organizer.

Organizing used to be something I did out of necessity to get things done while traveling for work.  It has recently become a passion that I think may help others. I have been told that not everybody likes to organize like I do.  Who knew? I like a transformation, a good before and after.  I also like helping people. I would like to help you make room for the things you love.


Are you becoming overwhelmed by your things?  Are your belongings managing you instead of the other way around? Have you ever been embarrassed to open a door in your home for fear that guests will see the contents of a closet, guest room or pantry?   Give me a chance to help.  The first step is to arrange a free consultation to evaluate needs. You can review our whole step-by-step process by clicking here. Thank you in advance, I look forward to meeting you.

Junk Drawer Reorg


Master, Guest, 
Hall, Coat,
Linen, and Utility

Laundry Rooms, Storage areas,
& Garages

Kitchen Cabinets & Drawers of All Kinds

Home Staging, Home Downsizing, and Offsite Storage Facilities


Debbie Master Closet After 4

Debbie C. 

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your design and decorating ideas and professionalism.  I couldn’t be more pleased.  From the consultation to the final product, Heather did a great job. I absolutely love my walk-in closet.  It looks gorgeous and everything is so organized and easy to get to.  The baskets and shelf organizers work perfectly and look so impressive. And wow, whoever heard of a large wall hanging picture in a closet, it looks great! A project extremely well done I cannot recommend Creative Harmony and Heather enough.”

Boho Closet After

Lauren M.

“With my busy life, I could never quite manage to get organized the way I wanted.  Heather really helped me by transforming my closets and my kitchen cabinets.  Since then, my life is much easier. I can locate items quickly, I have less anxiety from clutter, and it's aesthetically pleasing. Her professionalism and talent for organization are superb, and I highly recommend her.”

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