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Our Projects

We are proud to share some of our latest projects.  These clients agreed to share their stories as well as the before and after photos.  For the details and more photos please click on each project pic below.  Enjoy!

Boho Closet After.jpg

This client had 3 goals: better use of space for her clothes, added space for her husbands clothes, adding her own personal style.  We achieved her vision by adding an earthy green paint, a boho style hat rack, organizing her clothes by how she actually lives in them and adding some baskets and shoe boxes to organize shelved items.

This project was really fun and different.  After leaving the traditional office working environment she was left with a whole wardrobe full of clothes that were no longer needed.  Some items were donated but others she chose to sell.  She decided to transform a guest closet into a Poshmark closet.  A good back drop for the clothing items really helps during the selling process.  Now she has a pretty closet for guests as well as a tool for helping sell items online.

Poshmark closet.jpg

This project was simple and fun...add some style and polish to the closet.  This closet is a great size and has ample space for everything.  Adding some style and simple organizational tools gave it the polish the client was looking for.  

Debbie Master Closet After 4
Pantry 1_edited_edited_edited.jpg

This was a large pantry that had great space but needed freshening up and organizing.  We painted, added a beautiful coat hook/shelf that the client had custom made by her nephew.  After we readied the space it was time to organize.  We created zones and placed items in the pantry by how they are used.  Frequently made meal ingredients, baking supplies, beverages, etc.  It turned out to be bright and user-friendly.

This Master Closet needed a fresh look and some personality.  The client wanted new paint and new lighting and better access to fewer clothes.  We added matching chandeliers on both the "His" side and the "Hers" side, a full length mirror and used a sage green to add a spa like feel.  Clothes were organized by type and baskets were added to help organize shelved items.  

After Main_edited.jpg
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